Brokerage Gain

Important Notes:

  • All gains will be calculated & released at midnight of each day. There might be delay in calculating Brokerage Gain for up to 48 hours.
  • Your account is not eligible to receive Brokerage Gain. To be eligible, you must either achieve at least one Partnership Gain or increase your UFAPS balance to $10,000.

Brokerage  0 Active Generations

  • New Partners - New Partners added on the day either by you or your partners
  • Total Partners - Total Partners on active generations
  • Active Generation - Total active generation according to number of partners added by you. Adding first partner gets you 3 active generation. Second partner activates further 3 generation totalling 6 generations and third partner activates further 4 giving you 10 active generations of potential income in total
  • Partners Profit - Total amount of profits earned on Generations
  • If your UFAPS balance is between $1000 and $9999, You only get Brokerage Gain if you have achieved at least one Partnership Gain.
  • You receive Brokerage Gain without any condition If your UFAPS balance is more than $10,000.
Brokerage Gain is 5% of total profits of each active level.
As for all computer operated system, in rare occasions there might be calculation errors. In such events we reserve the right to reverse and recover any miscalculated amounts without notice.
* Please note: Your Profit from active generations is an estimate of what you could get. What you've actually received from each generation might be less than this amount subject to activation time.

Direct Reward